Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So much to learn ... about elearning

I am enjoying the challenges of learning about the exciting new world of electronic communications and technology. It is overwhelming and exciting, interesting, challenging and daunting. There is so much there - elearning, eportfolios, different social networking tools, like Facebook, and different ways to communicate. I want to follow up finding out about Skype - I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I think it has something to do with the tiny camera at the top of my laptop that keeps winking at me!.

I have discovered wordle - it is cool and some web sites have fantastic examples of the way it can be used. I was really impressed with Rodd Lucier . Rodd is a teacher and has amazing and innovative ideas about engaging people in different ways of communication.

Rodd got me thinking - when do we stop being a learner? There is always something new going on - a new discovery or a new way of looking at something from the past. Or there is a new way to communicate and a new way to share information with other people.

I have been doing some training at work - introducing a model of strengths coaching and learning about Positive Psychology. I have found a fun sounding website called Authentic Happiness and taken a few of the on-line quizzes. While I am normally sceptical about the merits of an on-line quiz, I enjoyed these quizzes, especially the quiz about signature strengths. I learned that my greatest strength (according to the quiz) is my love of learning. This really resonated for me and it helped me to make sense of why I get bored and seek out new things, new experiences and new adventures. It was one of those aha moments for me and helps me to understand that I need to plan my future around variety and new adventures, rather than being stuck in a routine which won't sustain my interest.

It is fun to be a teacher and a learner. There is much for me to learn and I am enjoying exploring the bewildering world of elearning.



Sarah Stewart said...

I have to say that I am learning more now than I have ever done, thanks to being introduced to social networking. A brave new world indeed.

Helen said...

Thanks Sarah - yes it is a Brave New World - frustrating at times, challenging and very interesting.


Rodd Lucier said...

The more you learn, the more you realize how many amazing things lie undiscovered by the majority of educators.

Here's hoping that you'll continue to be energized in your own learning, and that in sharing your personal stories, others will be drawn into the conversation.