Friday, January 2, 2009

Mind Maps: an innovative solution

I have been thinking about my PhD research and trying to find a way to create a kind of mind map to chart what I want to do and how the different topics link together. I have used a couple of old-fashioned versions, with bits of paper, a grey-lead pencil and an eraser. They almost work, but are not quite right. I followed a blog from Sarah Stewart where Sarah tells us about 7 things we don't know about her and tags another seven people to do the same. It is an interesting way to find out more about people.

I ended up at Pam Harnden's blog. Pam is a midwife and much of her blog about about midwifery (much of which I don't understand), but there is heaps of fantastic information about tools and other stuff relevant to everyone. Pam has posted a link to - a free web application for brainstorming and mid mapping. It is awesome and is just the thing that I need to be able to get my thoughts and ideas into a map, and be able to move ideas and topics around, and to do it electronically, rather than the old pencil and paper way. Thanks Pam.

I have also decided this year that I will spend more time commenting on the interesting blogs that I read. I tend to read a lot and lurk, but I am committed to spending more time commenting and encouraging comments back to my blog. I haven't found a good way to keep track of them all yet so if anyone has any suggestions I am keen to hear from you. I have worked out how to subscribe to posts, but how can I find out if a blogger replies to a comment that I leave on their blog? Is there a simple way or do I just need to subscribe and go back and check regularly? I hope there is someone out there that can help me with this.



Buckeyebrit said...

Fate is so fantastic! I was thinking about trying to find a web tool to do the same thing so will have a look. What intrigues me about blogging and reflection is the challenge of sharing. For some practioners I think the honestly and critical reflection is a real challenge. I like to think I am pretty at one with the fact that in every situation there is something I could have done to tweak or improve my practice and I'm ok with saying that - to anyone who will listen! Seriously though for me that is one of the main challenges I see in using blogs for reflection.

Helen said...

Hi Buckeyebrit
Thanks for dropping by - it's nice to hear from you and I agree that it's the sharing that makes reflection and blogging fun and challengening.