Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is Flexible Learning anyway?

I have been having a think about what is flexible learning and I wanted to try to draw together some of the excellent resources out there. As part of the course , we are directed to find out about the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. This is a great web site and suggests that flexible learning is basically learning where there is more choice for the learner in where, when and how the learning will happen. It can include things like teleconferencing, videoconferencing and using other multi-media tools. Megan suggests that flexible learning has probably been around for a while, however the tools that we use now are more advanced and interactive and Jenny has a really clear example of some of the problems and solutions to flexible learning.

Sarah's blog is awesome and a great place to explore at any time, as she is a regular contributor and there is always something new there. Sarah's post about cookie baking introduces the Personal Learning Environment (PLE), and for Sarah it seems that the online tools and activities tend to merge into one PLE. Sarah has also written about eLearning and her ePortfolio.

I'm still thinking about how it all goes together and what will work for me. I am seduced by all the bright lights and whistles of the multi-media world that we live in and the options and opportunites that are out there. I feel that Sarah is brave and courageous to expose to the world her ePortfolio, goals and achievements, and I am not sure if I could do this. But then, why wouldn't you want to tell the world about your successes? Maybe this is one of those things where you just need to take a leap and see what happens? What do other people think?



Sarah Stewart said...

But as a learner coming to you to do a course, having a look at my ePortfolio would help you fit me into a flexible framework ie look at RPL, that sort of thing. The issue is, how do we use a process like that with someone who has no wish to do thing electronically

Sarah Stewart said...

Don't forget to label your posts 'flexible learning', then they will show up on the course blog via Leigh's feed system.

Helen said...

HI Sarah
Thanks for the reminder about the labels - I forget that a lot. You make a good point about how we provide flexible learning options where people don't want to do things electronically. Mmm - food for thought.