Tuesday, December 22, 2009

E-portfolio and citations

I have been starting to think about how to develop a portfolio of my academic activities, publications and presentations and I am wondering about the best format to use.   I looked  at developing a CV, which is a bit like a detailed resume and is a written collection of my academic achievements, publications, presentations etc.

I have been exploring the world of e-portfolios and thinking about whether I need  collection of citations.  I sometimes come across a review that a person has written about a presentation that I have done, or their thoughts about an article that I have written and I thought it would be good to gather this information together in one central place.

There are some fantastic examples out there.  Sarah Stewart's e-portfolio is one of the best that I have seen and includes her biography, employment, projects, publications and awards.  

I have also discovered a citation tracker that was developed by Panos Ipeirotis - this is a program that uses Google Scholar to find your publications. I think the term 'citation' in this context relates to what I would call 'journal publication'.    Panos blogged about monitoring citations and after clicking around his blog and profile I discovered that   Panos also has this awesome academic tree where he has tracked his academic genealogy.  It looks like a fun thing to do, and is a powerful representation of  academic history and being able to track this over time.  From Panos' page, I found Gene Golovchinsky and he also writes about the importance of measuring citations.  Gene also suggests that it is a good way to find papers that you might have forgotten about, or new things that need follow up.  Gene and Panos are computer science experts and I am sure they have computer skills that are way out of my league.

I am looking for something simple to use, cheap (preferably free) and easy to update.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas that might help me or lead me in the right direction?  What do you use to keep track of publications, presentations and citations?


Sarah Stewart said...

Hey Helen, a few of use (via Twitter) wanted to leave comments on your phd post but can't - the comment section is shut off for some reason - can you fix that?

cheers Sarah

Sarah Stewart said...

I use Delicious to keep a record of anything said about me online - citations, references etc:


and then feed it into my ePortfolio wiki:


Helen said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for letting me know that the comment bit wasn't working. I must have made a mistake when I posted the message and I have fixed it now.

Thanks for your comment about Delicious and how you keep track of citations. This looks very helpful. thank you


highachiever said...

Helen, you may want to look at Zotero, a free and powerful citation manager - see @Tararobertson's excellent blog posting: http://www.tararobertson.ca/blog/2009/8-reasons-i-love-zotero/


Helen said...

Thanks HighAchiever - this looks like a really interesting program and I will follow up how it works.