Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This blog is moving

After much deliberation I have decided to move part of this blog - the Helen's reflections part - to another site and I am pleased to introduce Curious Reflexions:  I have registered Curious Reflexions as my business name and eventually will be offering consultancy and other services, but for now my focus is on finishing my PhD.  I have selected a wordpress blog because I am looking for a blog template that does a bit more than the blogger one, and the wordpress one looks like it will do the job.  If you are still interested in following me, please pop over to the wordpress site and check it out. It's still shiny and new, so let me know if there are any bits that are broken.




~ Jan ~ said...

:( So now we see the serious Helen? Mate...don't lose track of why you started a blog in the first place...can you have two? Cheers! Jan :)

Helen said...

Hi Jan
That's a good point and one that I have thought a lot about. I will keep the original blog going, but it will become more of the fun stuff, and the more serious PhD stuff will move to the new blog. But please let me know if I get too stuffy!