Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gee... this blog has gone quiet

Yes - things did go quiet here for a while and that is because my mum passed away in August and things have been pretty mixed up since then.  You can check my other blog to read a bit more about this.

It turns out that I am not going crazy, but experiencing a 'normal grief reaction'.   Whatever 'normal' really is.  I am just starting to feel like I can string a few words together, and they make sense  and I can  concentrate on reading and writing.  I have taken some time off from my PhD studies and I am looking forward to getting back into in in the New Year.

Well... this is what I have been doing - what have you been up to for the past three months?

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Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Helen, I have just caught up with you blog and the news about your mother - please accept my condolences. Sarah