Monday, February 15, 2010

Elevator conversation

How do you explain your research in simple language in just a few minutes. Some people call it the 'elevator conversation' and other people call it the ' three minute thesis'.   I am often asked about my research and as I start explaining it, I sometimes notice people's eyes glaze over. I wonder why. Are they not really interested, or am I not making sense?

Here is my three minute thesis - does this make sense in just a few sentences?  I'd really appreciate any feedback.

My research is about reflective practice. I'm interested in exploring how people learn to be reflective, why they become interested in reflective practice and how they use reflective practice. My early observations are that I see reflective practice taught in most University programs, and students seem to engage in reflective practice. Then they graduate and join the workforce and being reflective seems to be one of those things that is in the gap between university and the real world. Some time later,  people are drawn back to reflective practice and I am interested in exploring how this happens and whether there are any events that trigger people to look for reflective activities.


antiSWer said...

What about a bit of what you actually mean by reflective practice? A tiny example might fluff it up a bit. Just a thought.

Helen said...

Hi antiSWer
Thanks for the comment. I think you are right - an example about what I mean by reflective practice would help to clarify what I am talking about.

Thanks for the suggestion.